The Fruits

Some cool stuff on the horizon. Two projects I've been working on coming out soon. 

First, the Evil One. Good friend and editor/owner of Makeout Creek from Richmond is putting out a collection of short stories all inspired by Roky Erickson's legendary album The Evil One. A bunch of writers, myself included, chose a track from the album and wrote an original short story of fiction. I'm a huge fan of Roky's and was personally obsessed with "I Walked With A Zombie" for a majority of the time I lived in Austin, haha, so I was obligated to go with that song. This has been a long time coming out, but I'm excited the time is almost upon us. To be released early 2017.


Second, the Chinatown Bus Stories. My pal Sheldon Abba back in Philadelphia asked me to jump on this project and contribute a short story of fiction and having lived on the East Coast for so long I had more than enough to draw from. 

"The Chinatown Bus Stories project attempts to organize a collective history/mythology of the Chinatown Bus through the contribution of personal stories, illustrations and media..."

I think this is going to look really cool. I'm excited to see all the different artwork, perspectives, and ideas on this one, and to see how far it goes or what it transforms into.