Random places, things and people of interest, and the people I call my family.

- An interview by my alma mater for my upcoming book and first collection of short stories set to drop Monday, October 15th. I couldn’t have asked for a better headline.

- An interview with my friend and artist William Gaynor.

- An ancient copy of Meat&Potatos. Back in the RVA days, a group of my good friends (Mauricio Pattaroyo, Mauricio Vargas, and Brian Villalon) and I made these zines every month for a year (07 to 08 I believe.) We'd release it every First Friday at Henry, Billy Manzanares and Rudy Lopez sneaker shop on Broad Street (RIP). It was such a dope experience, and taught me how much fun it is to work with cool people. We'd get all types of people from the hood to contribute. 

- A review by Lionel Putz of my comic book Totem. (Scroll down the page until you see it. Just above the midway mark.) 



- When I lived in New Orleans, I had the opportunity to get on stage in front of a whole lot of people and tell a story about my brothers for NPR's The Moth. If you wanna listen, click on the SoundCloud file below. Those two guys I got my arms around aren't my biological brothers/ the brothers in the story I tell but you can go ahead and use them for the mental image factor anyway.